Windows of History . . .

Client: Coca-Cola Company - North America
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Architect: Guy Labrecque, Jr., V.P. CWS Architects
General Contractor: New South Construction
Estimated Completion Date: 2012


Beginning to paint the 1st mural - circa 1860's Pharmacy/Soda Fountain featuring the "First Taste" of Coca-Cola.

We are currently working on a commission from the Coca-Cola company to create artwork for one of their corporate facilities in Atlanta, GA. Each of the 3 oil-on-canvas images will be approximately 7’2” x 20’6” and feature both the physical and social history of this iconic American corporation. When installed, the artwork will give the viewer the sensation of looking through windows into establishments in 3 significant eras –the late 1880’s the 1950’s and the present/future which will feature a historic advancement in the dispensing industry - the “Freestyle” machine.


wall   Once the murals and window molding are attached in the brick areas, painted architectural elements will be added on the wall above.

  Preliminary sketch of proposed mural installation



Painting Creation . . .
Honoring the Birth of a Culture

Client: Agua Caliente Cultural Museum
Location: Palm Springs, California
Architect: Johnpaul Jones, Jones & Jones Architects and
Landscape Architects, Seattle, WA


agua-indian-womanMr. Grohe has been entrusted with the responsibility of depicting the creation story of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians.

He is currently designing representational imagery for the 51’ diameter dome of the museum’s circular welcome gallery.

Agua Caliente Cultural Museum is the first Native American museum to be part of the Smithsonian Institution Affiliations Program. This special relationship provides opportunities to share resources in programming, collections, scholarship, and technical expertise -- and entitles the Museum to bring world-acclaimed exhibitions to the Coachella Valley.

To learn more about the museum, visit their website at:


Interior view of a scale model Grohe made to aid in the study of the dome environment and it's visual dynamics.



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