Creating a downtown destination . . .

Marion, Heart of Ohio
Location: Marion, Ohio

Client: Downtown Marion
Size & Medium: Approximately 2,510 sq. ft., Keim Mineral Paint on Keim Universal Render

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The entire West side of a prominent building on the main street of Marion, was exposed when an adjacent building was torn down in preparation for a new City park.

A solution was needed to not only refurbish but to enhance this future public space.

Instead of focusing solely on local history, which was amply represented in various venues throughout town, Grohe chose to create a “new landmark”

The taller portion of the wall features a niche, in which there are four statues representing the foundations on which the town was built: pioneers, agriculture, industry, and education. They support the future, depicted in the form of a globe, on which a young woman who represents the present, points to the location of Marion, Ohio.

Down the longer, one-story section of wall, one can see painted architectural elements which include references to significant local historical figures.


“Eric Grohe’s mural has been a great catalyst for recreating that sense of community downtown that has been lost over the years.
Because of the mural’s orientation on a one way street, comments were made that if the street wasn’t one way, it would be easier to see the mural. Bingo! Now we are working on a plan that will return two-way traffic to our downtown. The Grohe’s legacy in Marion may well be the return of two way traffic to our downtown, as well as the wonderful mural which will last for generations to come.”

Dad Giles, Chairperson, Downtown Marion Advisory Board



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