Bringing charm to a back alley . . .

55 Diamond Court
Location: 32 Erie Street South, Massillon, OH 44646 [GET MAP]

Client: City of Massillon, Ohio
Size & Medium: 3,000 sq. ft., acrylic on prepared masonry

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This mural adds life and dignity to a previously nondescript corner of town.

Every window projects a different scene, captivating the viewer and creating speculation as to what is taking place within each framed vignette.

The front of the building was later painted to match the architectural details of the mural on the side of the building, making the illusion complete.






“Our fair city is so proud of the beautiful murals that Mr. Grohe has created.”

Linda Bryant, Massillon, Ohio

“I have truly enjoyed watching your ‘work-in-progress’ as these beautiful pieces of art grow and develop before our very eyes.”

Kimberly Kis, Massillon, Ohio



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