A place of healing,
A place of sanctuary

In the Beginning God Created
Location: Florida Hospital, Ginsburg Tower,
601 East Rollins Street, Orlando, FL 32803 [GET MAP]

Client: Florida Hospital Orlando, Adventist Health Systems
Size & Medium: 40’H x 24’W; Keim Optil on Keim Universal Render (stucco)

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This mural celebrates the restorative beauty and wonder of nature, incorporating visual references to the seven days of creation found in Genesis 1:1.

The image was specifically designed for one of the entrance lobbies into the new addition to Florida Hospital in order to convey a sense of hope, peace, tranquility and confidence.

The mural was painted with a very Green mineral product from Germany, which is non-toxic, non-flammable, and will not fade, extremely desirable for a hospital environment.

The mural portrays a family grateful for all creation. The baby in the painting is modeled after a child whose parents work for Florida Hospital, Orlando.

The setting is local. All flora and fauna depicted were found within a mile of Florida Hospital, except the lamb, which was photographed at a petting zoo just South of Orlando.

Animal tracks on the beach are from otter, egret and deer.

There are seven white egrets in the sky, representing the seven days of creation.

The wave pattern in the spiraling cloud formation illustrates the “separation of the waters.”

The stars in the sky duplicate what one would have seen on the morning of October 14th 1908, the day Florida Hospital was founded at this precise location. Eric used the latitude and longitude coordinates of the building site and a planetarium program to insure accuracy.








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