Honoring veterans of all wars . . .

Liberty Remembers
Location: 215 N. Sandusky, Bucyrus, OH 44820 [GET MAP]

Client: Bucyrus Area Community Foundation & Bucyrus Area Chamber of Commerce
Size & Medium: 36’ x 44’, Keim Mineral Paint & Universal Render on concrete block

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Book: "Liberty Remembers"

An old brick wall was reinforced with concrete block and transformed into a nationally recognized monument honoring veterans.

In this mural, Lady Liberty cradles a dying soldier in her arms, surrounded by the portraits of 284 veterans from Crawford County, Ohio.

The mural was almost completed when the tragedy of 9/11 occurred. Eric composed the phrase “Her torch still shines, our flag still waves,” which he added to the interior arch as a memorial to this event. A book was later published featuring all the veteran submissions for the mural.




“Veterans in this county are so proud of the ‘Liberty Remembers’ mural and are very grateful to you for doing it.”

Rich Lyons, Veteran, Bucyrus, Ohio

“Thanks to Eric Grohe for creating such a touching and beautiful monument to America. It truly brought tears to our eyes.”

Timothy Disbennett, Air Force Veteran

“The more I look at ‘Liberty Remembers,’ the more amazed I am. What a deep, abiding American sentiment it represents. Many thanks from a Buckeye and a veteran far from home.”

David Rich, Kaiserslauteren, Germany

“Both (Liberty Remembers and American Crossroads) murals bring visitors from all around the State of Ohio and even neighboring states. These murals have become a source of pride for our city and united the community in ways I never thought possible.”

Janet Pry, Executive Director
Bucyrus Area Community Foundation



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