Enriching a brewing heritage...

Miller Valley Brewery, Brew Room & Fermenting Room Murals
Location: 3939 West Highland Blvd., Milwaukee, WI 53201[GET MAP]
(Not open to the public at this time)

Client: Miller Brewing Company
Size & Medium:
Brew Room – 22 interior murals, 1’8” x 2’8” to 8’4” x 3’2”, oil on dibond®
Fermenting Room – 2 murals, 11’ x 10’6” each

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Artwork now humanizes and visually expands the cramped, industrial rooms of the Pilot Brewery at the Miller Brewing Company.

Real objects such as hooks, aprons, and clipboards, which mimic their painted counterparts, were added to the surface of the murals to enhance the illusion.

The design and materials had to accommodate the warm, humid environment as well as the frequent exercise of hosing down the floor with a mild chemical solution.






“The murals by Eric Grohe provide the illusion of being able to travel from the modern brewing world back to the past, allowing the observer to experience the transition from “what is” to what was.” They illustrate our company history in the spirit of our Founder’s 1855 commitment to “Quality Uncompromising.”

David Ryder, Vice President Research and Quality Assurance
Miller Brewing Company



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