Liberating vistas...

Paths of Promise
Location: Gig Harbor, Washington (Not open to the public )

Client: Washington State Art Commission’s Art in Public Places Program
Washington State Corrections Center for Women
Size & Medium: 4 murals, 9’ x 15’ ea., acrylic on dibond®

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A women’s prison is by nature confining and restrictive. The imagery in these four murals was created not only to provide a visual and mental escape, but to inspire as well. The murals were designed to fit within the existing architecture of the prison courtyard.


“Eric Grohe carefully set about to create a world in which we could see a future with potential. There are no closed doors. There is, however, invitation, vision and promise of new life and growth. Generations will one day surpass those of us here today. These paintings will survive, bringing other women to tears and reflection on what the future can hold for them."

Veronica, Inmate, WSCCW

“One day I went to the chow hall and tears filled my eyes. I looked over to find such spirit-filled beauty to brighten up these red and gray walls. It takes me to a whole new peaceful place far away from here, to be inspired and feel free in an all new way.”

Roberta, Inmate, WSCCW

“I gaze upon the Art to begin a new start, To put order back into my life To let go of the past and doing it fast, The mural image relieves the strife.”

Excerpt from poem by Gina, Inmate, WSCCW

" I find the murals uplifting, encouraging and beautiful. They remind me that life is still outside waiting. Also, that life in here can be beautiful and meaningful. They are so well done, they give me a sense of personal worth that someone thought well of us in here."

Melanie, Inmate, WSCCW

“The murals depict a core value of this institution – making the right choices. When you approach the art work, it gives staff and inmates reflection time.”

Belinda Stewart, Superintendent, WSCCW

“There's not a day that I'm here that I don't look at one or more murals. To me they bring peace and promise of continually new choices.”

Dee Crocker, Community Involvement
Program Coordinator,WSCCW



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